Solar water pump 24V 50W up to 15 meters

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Solar water pump 24V 50W up to 15 meters

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99,00190,00 IVA incluido (-48%)

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Water pump for home and garden

Solar water pump 24V 50W for wells, reservoirs, gardening and irrigation. Includes the solar regulator.


This deep water pump has an industrial graded engine with maximum performance. It is a silent pump when in use. It’s hermetically sealed and has thermal protection that helps prevent overheating.

A pump designed for deep wells as it is capable of transporting water from wells up to 15m of depth thanks to its 50W engine.

The flow rate is 0.5m3/hour.

Furthermore, the impellers of this pump are high performance, providing a long-lasting water flow.

It is a very efficient tool for extracting water from wells. They are perfect for administering water for everyday functions such as gardening, agriculture or for supplying the house or small buildings with water of excellent quality.

Finally, this pump can be used both for domestic as well as professional purposes since it has a sufficiently abundant water flow to perform different tasks.



  • Brand: GCE Solar
  • Model: 3TSS0. 5-15-24/50
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Power: 50W
  • Depth: 15 meters maximum
  • Material: High quality stainless steel


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Water pump for home and garden


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