You have the right to check if you received exactly what you asked for!

iBlevel wants to ensure that you receive the requested product in perfect condition. The guarantee “Check the package at the time of delivery” is available for products sold and shipped by iBlevel and is valid for both individuals and legal entities.

How does the service work?

Upon receipt of the order, you can request the transport to verify the package to check the condition of the packaging and the security seals.
This service only offers you the possibility of verifying that the outer packaging is in perfect condition, not the possibility of technically verifying (testing / testing) the product.

If the shipment shows obvious external signs of shock, moisture, or tampering with the external seals, you must complete this information in the presence of the courier on the delivery note or PDA device before signing the receipt at the time of delivery or even rejecting the Shipping. This entry cannot be completed after the courier leaves.

If after opening the package you find that the interior packaging of the requested product is not in perfect condition and shows signs of impact, scratches or other aesthetic problems, we recommend that you make the request for an incident within 24 hours of receipt.

In the case of orders containing several products, if after opening the package / packages on delivery you find that one of the products is not in perfect condition and you decide to reject it, the return procedure must be done partially.

This service is a right that is rarely explained and we want you to have all your rights guaranteed.


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