E-commerce in times of coronavirus

E-commerce in times of coronavirus

Plans for 2020… CANCELLED

In this post we want to talk about E-commerce in times of coronavirus.

Just six months ago, most of us were planning the begininng of a new upcoming year, 2020, which also happens to coincide with the beginning of a new decade. This translates into a great opportunity to set ourselves new goals and resolutions and change all those necessary habits to improve our personal and professional life.


So far, so good.

But if we had had access to a crystal ball at the time, we probably wouldn’t even believe what we were about to face…

The coronavirus entered our lives with no mercy for anything or anyone. Destroying everything that crosses its pace impacting directly and indirectly on the lives of the entire world population. It sounds surreal, but that’s exactly what happened. Every aspect of our lives has been marked by this unprecedented pandemic. It has completely changed our lifestyles, ideas, priorities and also social habits.

From teleworking to tele-training to telehomecare. Our personal relationships have converted into the famouse social distance. Consuption and shopping habits have changed and we’ve even changed our perception of our own homes.


Many changes have come, to stay

On one hand, the lockdown forced by this virus has made it clear that many people are not entirely comfortable in their most intimate and personal space: their homes. Lack of light, lack of space and lack of comfort have been some of the most common complaints during confinement.

Working from home has also had something to do with this. Just a proper internet connection isn’t enough for efficient homeworking; Furniture, lighting, equipment… are some examples of the shortcomings that we have had.

On the other hand, if we used to think that we’d been living in a digitalized society up until this moment, we have now confirmed that this digitalization can and will continue to go much further. We’ve especially seen this in the e-commerce market.

Online businesses have not only managed to resist this crisis, they’ve actually grown. Many new projects and companies have been built during this period, they’ve learned to adapt to the new situation and discovering new markets.


But all of this isn’t really news to you, is it?

Online shopping has been quite common these last years. Especially in the categories of fashion, telecommunications, electronics, computers, gadgets and all sorts of accessoires, leisure and sports items, etc. But the COVID-19 has forces us to go one step further.

And here lies the novelty. We’re not only talking about the increase in general consumption, since we already referred to this in a previous post. We are talking about how we consume these days. People who’d never buy online before, like, i.e. the elderly, now do. While people who used to buy certain items online, now buy absolutely anything.

A good example is the grocery industry, which hasn’t only multiplied its sales figures during the state of alarm, but has also been overwhelmed by online orders and home deliveries.

The main obstacle to buying online has always been a lack of trust in sellers, online platforms or payment systems. But all these obstacles now seem to have been removed. Thus creating a new business model that requires no effort nor necessity to travel.


E-commerce, economic recovery and social distancing

We could afirm that the e-commerce industry has come out of this crisis stronger. And this is because, at a time of maximum inaccessibility, we have had everything we needed within our reach.
Trade, digitalisation and the distribution chain form a powerful axis capable of supplying anyone with anything at anytime.

This is extremely attractive to undertake a new business or to consume in a different and more comfortable way. But most importantly, it helps to maintain (responsible) consumption rates which are very necessary for the economic recovery. Nor should we forget that, although we have already entered the so-called “new normality”, the threat remains, therefore, digital consumption will help to provide the necessary social distance.


“At a time of maximum inaccesibility, we have had everything we needed within our reach.”

At iBlevel we not only believe in the growing potential and value of e-commerce, but we believe that e-commerce can be developed from the same proximity and professionalism as a street-level business.

By offering you unique shopping opportunities, at responsible and reasonable prices, through an intuitive and transparent platform, we aim to continue contributing to this new business model and to be part of the economic recovery.

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E-commerce in times of coronavirus

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