Roller-skate Spare Brakes

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Atipick PAT61251 Skate brakes

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Spare brakes


These spare brakes are the accessory you need for your Atipick brand four-wheel skates.

It is a silicone brake in white color and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor tracks.



  • Brand: Atipick
  • Anti-scratch PU brake
  • Units: 2 brakes
  • Color: White
  • Size: One-size



These spare brakes for the 4-wheel roller-skates are part of the product catalog of the Atipick brand, manufacturer and distributor of sports equipment whose motto is “Go for sport”.
Atipick is a Spanish company that is a reference in multidisciplinary sports material and stands out for offering high quality sports products such as these spare brakes.

Atipick’s beginner’s roller-skates offer the performance of an advanced roller-skate and is suitable for both junior and adult skaters.



Roller skating is a healthy outdoor sport, which helps to work the balance, confidence and of course, strengthen the muscles of legs, buttocks, as well as the upper body. It is an ideal sport to practice in a group, with your family or individually, to take walks in the park, to go to the seaside or to practice figure skating in indoor or outdoor skateboarding tracks.

So, are you keen on joining the exciting world of roller-skating? Now you can do so at a really affordable price!


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