Submersible Drainage Pump 110W without installation

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Submersible drainage pump 0,11 kW without installation

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Submersible drainage pump without installation. Schuko type 220V connector. 2,5 m cable. DRENAP /S, with high performance motor. Single-phase submersible pumps with open turbine for automatic operation. FEATURES:

  • Model: DRENAP S 6-6M
  • Volts: 220 V
  • Watts: 0.11 kW
  • Weight: 3 Kg

APPLICATIONS Pumping of clean water from garages, basements, etc. Emptying of swimming pools and tanks. Water supply for garden fountains. MATERIALS Submersible drainage pumpPump body, turbine, handle and suction filter in reinforced technopolymer. Mechanical seal in ceramic and graphite. Shaft and motor body in stainless steel with protective sleeve on part of the mechanical seal. MOTOR The submersible drainage pump is equipped with a two-pole asynchronous induction motor. Protection IP 68. Water-cooled drainap S. OPERATING LIMITATIONS

  • Maximum diameter of solids: 5 mm
  • Maximum depth of immersion: 7 m
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 40 º C
  • Continuous service.

EQUIPMENT Single-phase model with capacitor and thermal protection. Supplied with 2,5 m of electric cable with Schuko type plug. You can see more products like this in the Garden section and in Gardening tools Follow us on Instagram or Facebook so you don’t miss any offers!

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