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Sumbersible drainage or dirty water pump 24V

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24V Submersible drainage or dirty water pump

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Submersible drainage or dirty water pump 24V

To see the Performance Curve of this pump, please check the graphic among the images. In this graphic you will see that the 24V pump is marked in red, and that it raises a maximum of 10 litres/minute, 5 meters up; It raises 20 litres/minute, 4 meters up and so on. The lower the depth the more volume it raises.

This pump must be connected to a 24V power source.

This pump is made of stable, durable plastic and has a good seal.
Its structure is simple, consisting of few parts, which facilitates its disassembly, installation and maintenance.


  • Model: BL2524N
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Watts: 50W
  • Weight: 1.3 Kg
  • Temperature: from 0°C – 60°

This 24V sumbersible water pump can be used for cleaning and maintenance of irrigation, drainage, seawater, aquaculture, ponds, car wash, etc.


  • Ice water pumping
  • Pumping fresh water in reserve
  • Bilge water discharge
  • Emergency pumping in ships
  • Washing of the deck
  • Water cleaning in fish farms
  • Use at campsites
  • Car wash


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Submersible water pump 24V


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Weight 1,3 kg


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