Waterproof luminaire with IP rating ➡ The ideal solution for commercial and outdoor lighting

About waterproff luminaires and IP rating

If you need to illuminate outdoor spaces, the best option is a waterproof luminaire with IP rating.

Waterproof luminaire

This type of luminaire can easily be installed in humid or dusty locations, or where ther might be exposure to other abrasive elements. These waterproof luminaires are especially suitable for commercial or high traffic spaces such as: Parking lots, corridors, shops, supermarkets, restrooms, warehouses and common areas in shopping centres, to name a few. However, they can also be installed in private homes to illuminate: terraces, patios, gardens, garages or storage rooms.
Installing this kind of luminaire is usually quite simple, as it is normal fixed to the ceiling with clips that are also included.

Let’s move on to the definition; On one hand, the term ‘Luminaire’ refers to the complete lighting unit excluding the lamp or bulb itself. On the other hand, the ‘waterproof’ adjective refers to the fact that the unit is sealed. By being hermetically sealed, it will prevent the entry of water and dirt particules that could damage the luminaire.
Each unit will have a specific type of protection, which will be defined by its IP rating (IP stands for Ingress Protection). The IP will be followed by two numbers, i.e. “IP55”, “IP65” or “IP66”. These are some of the most common IP ratings.

IP Rating Guide

In order to know exactly what IP rating your luminaire has, you should know that each number gives you a piece of information. The first number ranges between 0 and 6 and refers to the level of protection against solids depending on their size:

  • 0 = Not protected.
  • 1 = Protected against solids of 50mm.
  • 2 = Protected against solids of 12mm.
  • 3 = Protected against solids of 2,5mm.
  • 4 = Protected against solids of 1mm.
  • 5 = Entry of dust is not entirely prevented, although it won’t damage the unit.
  • 6 = No entry of dust. Thus, complete protection.

The second number ranges between 0 and 8 and refers to protection against liquids:

  • 0 = Not protected.
  • 1 = Dripping water (vertically falling drops) won’t damage the equipment.
  • 2 = Dripping water falling with an angle of 15º degrees won’t damage the equipment.
  • 3 = Dripping water falling with an angle of 60º degrees won’t damage the equipment.
  • 4 = Splashing water falling from all directions won’t damage the equipment.
  • 5 = Water projected by a nozzle from any direction won’t damage the equipment.
  • 6 = Powerful water jets won’t damage the equipment.
  • 7 = The equipment shall not be damaged by immersing it in water under pressure conditions for a specific period of time.
  • 8 = The equipment can be immersed in water for a prolonged period of time.


All in all, if you are looking for a long-lasting resistant luminaire, a waterproof luminaire is a very good option. Check out our selection of waterproof luminaires with IP rating and find the one that suites you best for your home or business. For bulk orders or any other question, feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp. 😊

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