What is an SDS Plus drill bit and how does it differ from the SDS Max bit?

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In our latest DIY post we discussed the types of drills and anticipated that we would talk about SDS drills later on and explain the difference between an SDS Plus drill bit and an SDS Max drill bit. So, as promised, here we go!

What is an SDS drill bit?

SDS stands for ‘Slotted Drive System’ or ‘Slotted Drive Shaft’.
Basically, the SDS drill bit has a fast clamping system that strengthens the attachment of the drill bit to the hammer or electric drill. This type of drill bit is characterised by its slotted shaft system that when inserted into the bit holder ensures that there is free movement inside and outside of the tool.

An SDS drill bit can be used to drill particularly hard materials such as floors, concrete or other surfaces of similar hardness. In short, it is a drill bit that can work under extreme conditions and its main function is to improve the hammering action of the tool. Thus, it offers a higher drilling speed compared to normal drills, it reduces the vibration and the energy is displaced directly towards the tip of the drill bit.

Types of SDS drill bits

There are two different types of SDS bits: SDS Plus and SDS Max.

Both have the same basic principle of the slotted shaft system, but there are differences and therefore not all bits are compatible with all hammer drills, which can be clearly seen and understood from the following illustration:

Comparison between an SDS Plus and an SDS Max bit

SDS Max bit

The “Max” designation already gives us a clue; this drill bit is intended to drill larger holes and work in more extreme conditions. It is a drill bit that offers higher speed and drills with more power. It is therefore ideal for drilling on hard surfaces and for drilling larger holes. This drill bit is used for heavy-duty masonry or industrial work. It offers multiple functions such as hammering, percussion and rotation hammering. The shaft diameter is 18 millimetres.

SDS Plus bit

The SDS Plus drill bit is more commonly used as it is more versatile than the SDS Plus drill bit. It is an ideal drill bit for drilling into hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete. This drill bit is used for conventional and lighter jobs as well as for drilling smaller holes. Its functions include hammering and rotation hammering and the shaft diameter is 10 millimetres, making it considerably narrower than the previously mentioned.


So much for today’s post. We hope, as always, to have cleared up some doubts or at least to have provided some useful information 🙂

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Image from Freepik.

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